We Want To Share Our Adventures To Inspire YOU To Create Your Amazing Life!

Our aMAYSing Life

Hi there!  We are David & Holly Mays.  In 2010 we realized that we were not truly living life.  We were both working 60+ hours per week leaving us stressed, tired and unfulfilled. We made a radical change breaking our robotic routine and discovered our JOY again!  We retired from our stressful jobs and created our amazing life as:

  • Integrative Holistic Health Coaches
  • dōTERRA Wellness Advocates
  • Off-road Adventurers 
  • Jeep Camping Enthusiasts
  • Adventure Motorcyclist
  • Beginner Homesteaders
  • Photographer, Videographer, Film Maker & Content Creators
  • .... and we keep adding to the list!
Our passion for adventure has turned into our lifestyle of continuing to reinvent ourselves so that life never gets dull and our adventures always continue!

David's 60 Day Results

We've been using doTERRA's new MetaPWR System for the past 2 months to improve our metabolic health.  Changing very little other than using MetaPWR you can see David's progress so far!  

If you're new to learning about metabolic health, it's more than weight loss, a lot more!  If you're not living your most powerful life due to any one or more issues listed, we invite you to click the link below to learn more!

Check out our latest video (linked directly below) or our trip last August on the Wyoming BDR where the "before" picture of David was taken.  In this video David talks about metabolic health and our excitement about the new products.

Let us inspire you!

We know what it's like to be stuck in the day to day routine, wanting to make a change, but not knowing where or how to begin. We also know that it feels overwhelming to begin a new journey.  Although we are creating our own path, we don't do it alone.  We are continually inspired by those who go before us who give us the courage to step outside of what we know in order to find and create the life we want.  

We want to inspire you to begin YOUR amazing life!

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