Oregon/Utah Jeep Trip - Aug 2021

This playlist is a series of videos following David's 3-week trip from Tennessee to the mountains of Oregon and then down to the desert of Moab, Utah.

In August 2021 David traveled from home in middle Tennessee to near Sisters, OR to meet up with many of the Patreon supporters of Jason Darrah of Primal Outdoors for a week long Patreon Summer Campout in the Deschutes National Forest located on the eastern slopes of the Cascades in Central Oregon.   After the Patreon camp ended, David spent the next week exploring more areas of that forest with Jason, and Gary, another Patreon camper.  

For his final week out west, David left Oregon and traveled down to Moab, Utah to explore and camp in the desert at Catacomb Rock along the Chicken Corners Trail before making his way back home.

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Oregon or Bust - Episode 1
Oregon On Fire - Episode 2
Hike to Chush Falls - Episode 3
Oregon Lake Camping - Episode 4
Trail to Final Camp - Episode 5
Oru Inlet Kayak - Episode 6
Chicken Corners Trail - Episode 7
Valley of the Gods UT - Episode 8