SunBurn Circuit with MotoPhoto & aMAYSing Life January 2022

Get ready to explore FLORIDA!  David Mays teams up with two of the Moto Photo Adventures guys for another fun travel series.  This time he heads south on his motorcycle, in January, looking for warmer weather and traveling the back roads down the east coast of sunny (mostly) Florida to Key West.  Then they cross over into the gator-infested Everglades before turning north to head back home. 

Follow David, Chris, and Jason as they ride, camp, explore, and meet cool people along the way.  It's all captured on video in an entertaining, informative, yet informal style that's fun to watch.

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Key West or Bust - Sunburn Circuit Episode 1
Key West or Bust - Sunburn Circuit Episode 2
Key West or Bust - Sunburn Circuit Episode 3