Designed by David
& Made in the USA!

 Storage is always a complex issue in Jeeps. In short, we never have enough of it.  So we tend to try and utilize every square inch of usable space creating what is generally a very difficult to navigate "polluted messy can’t find anything" disaster.

After camping in my Jeep for weeks at a time over the past 3 years I discovered quickly that everything needs a home and it all needs to be within a couple zippers or access points away or it gets buried never to be seen again.

I love soft bags.  But soft bags have one challenge.  They are soft.  As such if you put anything heavy in them, they sag, they protrude, they squeeze into other spaces not reserved for them.

I also love Molle webbing.  Molle webbing, used heavily in military and law enforcement applications, is the connect-all be-all for tactical gear.  There is a reason why it is used so often.  It works.  And it allows you to build a system specific to your needs with a base system that works for everyone.  Just about every military operator has a little bit different configuration on his tactical load out kit.  They customize the load out to specifically how they do their work, whether they are left or right handed, close range or distance, large caliber rounds or medium. Depending on their needs they customize their gear to make it work best for them.  In short,  I agree.

Enter The SideStasher™

The Jeep JLU and JKU have areas behind the rear seats between the rear windows and the roll bars that are not used.  They just take up air.  But this area is fantastic for storing gear IF you can keep that gear in place.

The SideStasher™ solves this by providing a custom-sized soft bag, padded on both sides to both protect the window as well as provide rigidity to the bag.  It is supported by cam buckles around the roll bar as well as an aluminum plate integrated into the lower part of the main bag compartment that hard mounts to the existing hard top mounting bolts.  This provides a rigid platform so you can store heavier gear in the middle compartment and the upper compartment you can stuff jackets, soft goods, you name it all the way up into the area between the roll bar and the window typically unused.  Below the hard mounted fixed integrated aluminum plate there is a second bag that can zip off or be accessible while zipped to the bottom of the main bag.  This allows you to store heavier gear or less often used gear while still keeping it out of the way from your main cargo area.  Either remove the whole bag to take with you or unzip the side access to remove contents as needed.

This is a fantastic bag solution whether you have your seats removed and have the goose gear or similar platform installed or if you still have your seats.  It has been designed NOT to interfere with the seat belts and will still allow proper retention of the belts when used.
SideStasher™ comes as a set with a driver's side and a passenger side bag. Each side provides over 2300 cubic inches of storage space giving you a total 4600+ cubic inches of usable storage and taking up virtually no area that was previously being used, at least efficiently used.  
Store jackets, raincoats, spare air filters, bicycle helmets, bug spray, sunscreen, first aid, trash bags... the possibilities are limitless!

Use the molle webbing to attach additional gear specific to your load out needs.  The molle webbing is perfect to attach flashlights, water bottle holders, magazine holders, again, limitless options.  Molle is provided on the back, side and on the front for flexibility of how you need to use your product.

The SideStasher™ Bag System is custom designed by me, David Mays.

The bags are made in the USA, sewn in Denver, Colorado using 1000 Denure Nylon, YKK zippers, rubberized material on bottom separating the powder coated aluminum plate from the hard top to eliminate all rattle.  All premium materials so it will last.  This is not Chinese garbage like the bags I had been using.

Get organized by stashing all your needed items out of the way! 

SideStasher™ FAQs

Do you ship outside the USA?
Not at this time. We are a new company and decided to limit sales to the USA while we work to establish and grow our business here at home.  Shipping internationally brings additional rules and obligations that we are not fully aware of yet, so we are devoting our energies right now to making sure the process runs smoothly here at home before branching out beyond our borders.  We look forward to growing to the point where we can be ready to ship worldwide!
What is your usual shipping time after the order is placed?
When we have inventory in stock, orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours, Monday - Friday. 

However, from time to time we experience shipping delays due to our inventory being out of stock, which can take 1-3 weeks depending on the surge of orders we receive. This is because we are a new company (established in May 2023) and our bags are manufactured in the USA by small businesses who also experience delays in getting materials from time to time. We are self-funded so all profits are being reinvested to pre-order raw materials in larger quantities to ultimately to build our inventory on hand to prevent future stock shortages as we grow.
Will the SideStasher™ fit a 2-door Jeep; Gladiator; Bronco; or other vehicles?
The SideStasher™ bags are custom designed for perfect fitment both in mount and in size for the Jeep JLU and JKU utilizing the room behind the rear seats in the window area and are designed to custom mount to the OEM bolts that hold the OEM hard top to the frame. Because of this customization to the JLU and JKU vehicles, the SideStashers™, as currently designed do not fit other vehicles. 

However, we are currently getting a lot of requests for Bronco storage solutions, so once we get this product off the ground we do intend to research how to provide good storage options for the Bronco and ultimately other vehicles as we find there is a need.  

As for 2-door and Gladiator Jeeps, we've determined that there isn't the "dead space" needed to justify designing SideStasher™ bags.

If you would like to be added to the list to be notified for future vehicle releases of the SideStasher™ bags, please complete this form to be notified.  Vehicle Request Form
Does the SideStasher™ work with the following: Rhino-Rack System, American Adventure Labs Cargo Shelf and XG Cargo Bags?
Yes!  Our aluminum plates have been modified to accommodate the Rhino-Rack system.  Simply use the outer holes which will cause the plate to be pushed in from the outside wall enough to accommodate the Rhino-Rack system.

A message received from a customer: The bags "fit nicely with the Rhino Rack Backbone, American Adventure Labs Cargo Shelf and the XG Cargo Bags."
Can I order just a driver’s side or passenger side bag rather than the set?
Not at this time. Since we are a new company and are in the process of building our inventory to maintain a surplus to prevent stock shortages, we only offer sets for sale at this time. By shipping only one bag the other bag from the set becomes useless until it happens to sell, so it’s like we sold a set but for much less money. Until we get our inventory more flush we can’t economically justify special orders. When we can maintain a larger inventory where selling just one bag won’t affect our overall sales we will revisit our ability to make individual bags available to sell.  

If you would like to get on a list to be notified when we offer just one bag, please complete this form. Request to Order 1 SideStasher™
What are the dimensions of the SideStasher bags?
The measurements of the bags are as follows: 21.5"h x 19"deep x 7" wide (bottom) 2.25"wide (top) - all approximate but close enough. The only part that is nonmalleable would be the bottom plate that is inside the bag that provides the mount point to the hardtop/frame.  Other areas can be squished if necessary just realizing it will reduce inside storage when that’s done.
Can you customize the SideStasher™ in any way?
We have been asked if we can customize the SideStasher™ bags by using a different color thread for stitching or different color fabric other than black. Because we are a new company it’s important to us to build our inventory as is so we don’t have stock shortages, so altering any part of our production process isn’t feasible for us at this time. Once we can maintain a surplus inventory we will be happy to look into producing the bags in other colors, based on what colors we get the most requests. If you would like to weigh in on future bag color options, please fill out this form: SideStasher™ Color Request Form

As for individual customization requests, if we decide to do that it will be much farther down the road, but feel free to send an email to if you have ideas or questions on this.
NOTE: Due to a surge in orders and supply chain delays, we sometimes have delays in shipping which can be up to 2 weeks after order. When we know there will be a delay of more than a week, we will update here estimated shipping date. We will ship based on original order date. Thank you for your patience while we navigated these supply chain delays!      

Thank you for your interest in our bags!
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Our Guarantee!

We are so sure you will love your SideStasher™ bag system, that your purchase comes with a 60-day money back guarantee!  

If you are not completely satisfied with the product, we will take it back no questions asked (ok, we might want to know why, so we can be sure to improve in the future).  But we know you are going to love this bag set and will never want to take it out of your Jeep, so we aren’t too worried.


If you have questions about the SideStasher™ Bag System for Jeeps, we'd love to give you answers.  Check out our FAQs above.

If the FAQs above didn't address your question, click the button below to fill out a form submitting your question and we'll be happy to provide any information you need to make an informed decision before you purchase our cool bag system!