Wyoming BDR Trailer

The Wild West as pure as it gets.  Join David and Holly as they traverse the state of Wyoming from the Montana border down to the Colorado border in this 9-part series taking you through all 8 sections showcasing the beauty of Wyoming like you have possibly never seen before.  From the small towns that seem to stand still in time to beautiful mountain overlooks, this series has it all for the adventurist in all of us. The BDR is an off-road discovery route created by the ladies and gentlemen at ridebdr.com.  

Backcountry Discovery Routes is a 501c3 non-profit organization created to preserve and expand off-road routes through states for the enjoyment of motorcycle and 4x4 enthusiasts alike.  The Wyoming BDR is their 11th installment of routes throughout the US. 

Please consider these routes as precious as many go through private land and must be respected in order to remain available to the public.  Pack out what you pack in.  Tread lightly caring not to damage the trails and roads that the locals rely on to do their work on a daily basis.  We are but passing through, they must live with those consequences.  Keep that in mind as we pass through their lands.

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Wyoming BDR Trailer
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