Camping in the Ozarks with Ozark Overland Adventures Part 1 of 2


On his way home from Colorado David met up with Matt from Ozark Overland Adventures to explore one of Matt's favorite camp sites located near a waterfall.  Part 1 of the 2 part videos takes you on the journey toward the campsite and to what is known as "60 Foot Falls," a beautiful waterfall located on the way to the campsite that has an awesome overlook as well.  

David finds tests out what his Jeep can do now that it has the Hatchet Overland camper top but has otherwise been minimally modified, and is surprised what the near stock Jeep can do. It doesn't take 38" tires and maximized everything to have a great adventure!  Depending on what your focus is, and with careful navigation, you can do a lot with a lot less modifications than most people think. 

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