Traveling With Primal Outdoors Along The South Rim Of The Grand Canyon - Part 2 Of 2


Jason of Primal Outdoors and I have left Overland Expo in the previous episode and found a beautiful camp spot just outside of Navajo land overlooking a southern tributary of the Grand Canyon.  Jason has a cool e-bike that he allows David to ride and David does his best to put it through its paces.  Reaching "fun speeds", David finds himself flying through the terrain and loving every second. However, things don't go as planned.  The tires were lowered on pressure to support a more comfortable ride but perhaps a bit too low for the speeds that David was doing.  Damage ensues ending David's spirited ride. 

Before the bike ride, David has a fight with his drone and loses and has to use his medical supplies to quickly stop the bleeding. VanQuest Bag discussed in the video:   We are NOT sponsored nor are we affiliates, and therefore we do not benefit, but I was made aware of a discount code currently in use at the time of this video, which will give you 5% off if interested.  Use WELCOME22 in the appropriate box. 

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Jason’s review of this bike in his video 
NOTE:  Jason of Primal Outdoors no longer recommends this ebike!  See the description box in his video linked immediately above.