Hatchet Overland Camper Walk Around


Jeep Walk Around with New Hatchet Overland Camper

I have made a ton of changes to my Jeep setup since I bought it in late 2019.  This video walks a person through how I have setup the new Hatchet Overland Camper as well as the other products we're currently using:
  • Goose Gear plate system, 
  • Frontrunner chairs, 
  • Vanquest medic bag, 
  • Force Protector awning, 
  • Desert Does It seat jackers - coupon code: "aMAYSingLife" at checkout to receive 10% off on your own set of seat jackers.  Offer expires on Feb 28, 2023 so get yours today!  (We are not an affiliate.  We just love the product!)
  • Zargus aluminum boxes, 
  • the Victron Energy solar charge controller, 
  • Jackery Explorer 1000 portable power station,
along with some organization ideas that have really worked for us using all of these products and others not mentioned. 

If you are considering an overland camping, roof top tent, or even trailer solution, this may give you ideas or potentially change your mind when you see how this works. 

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Please leave comments below on your thoughts or based on your experience, maybe how I could do things better? 

David is an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot.

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