Hatchet Overland Camper - Why I Canceled My Ursa Minor Order


Hatchet Overland Camper - Why I Canceled My Ursa Minor Order

I had an Ursa Minor on order for months, paid my $1000 down payment but switched when I saw the Hatchet Overland Camper at Moore Expo.  From the rear entry, the 4" insulated padded mattress, the larger cabin due to the pop-out on the back, and the smooth streamlined design..  All of this and more made it worth the switch, even though I knew i would lose my non-refundable deposit with Ursa Minor. 

The Hatchet Camper utilizes a patented slide technology that provides 20" of room similar to the Safari XL camper solution without having to incur the expense of modifying the physical Jeep body by extending the backend.  By sliding the bed portion forward it allows for entry and egress from the camper portion while leaving your partner undisturbed in the night.

The awning is designed with a channel hidden inside and quickly packed away making for a quiet ride while keeping your MPG at its best.  At only 180lbs you can rest easy knowing your suspension will be able to handle the load.  

Wired for solar panels and prepped for traction boards the top gives you all you need to get outdoors and stay there or easily pick up and find a new spot.  We are tickled over this camper and can't wait to put it to good use. 

Needless to say, we are excited!!  Let us know if you have any questions - we're happy to try to answer them or help you get answers if we don't know the answer.

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