Key West or Bust - Sunburn Circuit Episode 1

Sometimes opportunity is the mother of adventure.  In this case, David was invited about 3 days before leaving on this 8 day trip to Key West and back home with Jason Bennett and Chris Smith of the Moto Photo Adventure guys.  

In this episode David escapes the snow of East Tennessee late in January 2022 to meet up with the Moto Photo Adventure Youtube Channel guys in Savannah GA in order to begin their series that will take them to Key West and back. Episode 1 covers some of the 600 mile ride of the initial journey from TN to St. Augustine FL and the adventure of what it took to get into warmer weather.   

Join us for the whole series as the adventurers navigate the backroads of Florida and see the sights along the way from birds, to Gators to Sand Cranes - they saw it all. 

Moto Photo Adventures: Check ouMoto Photo Adventures version (below) of the same video footage to see their take on the trip.  It's is quite funny and a lot different in video form, also be sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel  Some of the footage in this video was supplied by Moto Photo Adventures.

Some of the equipment David used on this trip: 

Camping Gear: 

Cook Gear: 

Moto Gear: 

Camera Equipment Used: 
Fuji XT-4 Mirrorless Camera, Tiffin ND filters 
iPhone 12Plus Max w/ PolarPro case and ND filters  

*David is an FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot.

Some video footage provided by Moto Photo Adventures.
Please subscribe to their channel as well for all motorcycle related travel content.

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