Comfort In A Jeep? Desert Does It Seat Jackers


Can you actually drive a Jeep and be comfortable in the seat?  

I needed a way to make my Jeep more comfortable.  After driving over 30k miles in 1 year in my Jeep Wrangler JLU 2020 Eco-Diesel the one thing that remained an issue for me was the seat being so uncomfortable for my long legs.  I have a 34" inseam and the position of the seat in my Jeep caused my legs (particularly my right leg) to have to hold up the weight of my legs placing stress on my hip flexor, sciatic nerve, and my knee making a long trip extremely uncomfortable!

While attending Overland Expo West last fall in Arizona I met Steve of Desert Does It and discovered their seat jackers could possibly solve my discomfort issue.  In this video you will learn about the details of the seat jackers, how to install them, and how my 1600+ mile drive back home from Arizona to Tennessee (and ultimately another 15k miles in the past 8 months) has been a total game changer to sitting comfortably in the Jeep!

Shop at Desert Does It to get yours!

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