Holly Learns to Drive Off-road

As part 2 of our first campout together in April celebrating our 20th anniversary, we take part in the Jeep Adventure Academy where Holly learns to drive our Jeep Wrangler off-road at the Wind Rock Adventure Park in Oliver Springs, TN.  Jeep Adventure Academy offers these events across the US where participants will learn about their Jeep® brand vehicle’s legendary capability, while building confidence and connections within the Jeep® brand community of adventure seekers.  Check out the current list of planned events and be sure to get registered as there's usually a waiting list!

In this video we share the highlights of the all day event. Not only did this event give Holly the confidence to drive off-road, it taught her how capable the Jeep is which also makes her a better passenger when David is driving :). If you have a Jeep, we highly recommend that you find a Jeep Adventure Academy event near you!  Whether you are brand new to off-road driving or just want to brush up on your skills, this training is just what you need! 

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