Tropical Hot Pepper Sauce

Last summer I planted a hot pepper garden to experiment growing and then using various kinds of hot  peppers.  Not because I like them.  In fact, I don't like them at all!  But I am fascinated by them and love finding ways to use them because all the guys in my family really like them.  I planted the standard hot banana and jalapeño peppers, but I also grew Anaheim, habanero, tabasco, ghost and Carolina reaper peppers.  I think it's the vibrant colors that draws me to them.  And they're easy to grow, so I feel accomplished in the garden.

One of my experiments, and the subject of this post, involved the habanero and ghost peppers which I turned into this beautiful orange colored sauce that I'm told goes great on chicken, fish, shrimp and even fried tofu.  The heat of peppers combined with the coolness of mango and pineapple is what makes this sauce delicious, even using a ghost pepper, one of the hottest peppers on the planet.

The way this sauce is described to me, by someone who loves hot peppers, as being a medium heat from the peppers combined with the sweetness of the tropics coming from the mango and pineapple. If this kind of sauce appeals to you download the recipe and give it a try.  If you don't have access to a ghost pepper, just use more habanero peppers (or another of your favorite hot peppers).  If you're worried it's too much heat, reduce the number of peppers you use. It's very easy to make and saves well in the refrigerator due to the vinegar.  At the posting of this blog, we're going on six months since I made it and I'm told it's just as fresh as the first day.  Enjoy!

Download recipe PDF here:
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