Oregon or Bust - Oregon Aug 2021 Ep 1

On July 29, 2021 David left Dunlap, TN to drive across the US to Sisters, OR to meet up with many of the Patreon supporters of Primal Outdoors for a week long Patreon summer campout in the Deschutes National Forest.   So many great people were at this camp including our host, Jason of Primal Outdoors - Camping and Overlanding, Donald with SoftRoadingTheWest, Edward with Edward Shin, the Chambers Family with ChambersFamilyOverland and many others.  It was a great week of camping with fantastic group of people to hang with.  

This video is episode 1 of David's August 2021 3-week Oregon/Utah adventure.

Video shot with Fuji XT4, Insta360, GoPro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, DJI Mavic 2 Pro 
Note: All drone footage was taken in accordance to Part 107 requirements.  David is a licensed Aircraft and drone pilot.

For other perspectives of the week long campout, be sure to check out these other videos below. 

Primal Outdoors:  



Edward Shin: 

Chambers Family Overland: 

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