DIY Jeep JLU Rear Plate Refrigerator Mount Design and Install

Want to mount your refrigerator in the back of you Jeep JLU, but you're not ready to commit to a predesigned purchased option? Then check our DIY video on how David created a mounted platform for our 50L ICECO fridge:

Create a simple plate for rear (leaving rear seats in place) in order to install a slide mount for fridge as well as future cabinet install.  Going DIY can save you a ton of coin!  Cost for this DIY project is about $100 total, even at today's outrageous lumber costs.  

In the video, I go into detail on how I built our simple platform plate out of birch plywood to create a stable platform to mount the ICECO slide mount with 50L refrigerator.  Be sure to watch the full video and don't rely just on the instructions and diagram provided here.

Below is the diagram with instructions that will aide you in creating the necessary cuts to the plywood in order to make your own platform. M recommendation would be to make the initial cuts to the plywood by creating the over all 38.5" x 30.25" cut.  Place this in your Jeep to insure a good fit minus the notches that will be cut next.  Now measure from the top right rear of the board for hole placement.  The top measurement from the rear of the plate to the first hole can be a little different depending on how tight of tolerances are used while cutting.  Due to this, measure the distance from the first hole (top right as seen in the diagram) to the second right side hole (15") and then the final hole below it of 8 1/2".  This will insure the distance between holes is correct as it is unchangeable.

Test the location of the holes by using the existing lag bolts and insure they will match up with the Jeep's frame holes.  Make necessary adjustments.  Purchase washers to provide additional support when tightening down to the wood.  Assuming you have a good fit, measure from these holes over to the left set of holes of 32.5".  Test those holes as well.

Now that you have the rectangle plate with 6 holes that properly fit into the frame, it's time to cut out the notches.  Double check the measurements on the plan with your plate location on your jeep to insure the fit will work.  Mark all cuts, measure from opposite side to insure measurements are accurate and preform cuts.

Once these are cut, place board into Jeep and check fit.  Make necessary adjustments prior to sanding and painting.

Click on this image above to open in PDF form

Click HERE to open the diagram in PDF form

ICECO Slide Mount Examples

IF you are using an ICECO slide mount with your rear plate I suggest the following tips.

Due to where the ICECO Slide mount hits the frame bolt pattern it becomes necessary to make a notch in the bottom of the plate so the rear left frame bolt  can attach through the ICECO frame through to the plywood to the frame.  I made this notch with a Dremel tool.

In order to maximize space on the right side of the rear while still keeping the fridge far enough from the outlet to use it as well as keep the welded part of the slide away from the frame bolt it was necessary to position the slide so that a notch had to be made in the molding on the left rear side.  As you can see in the picture a small notch was taken out of the plastic molding in order to have the slide be over just enough to have room for the lag bolt to go through the cross frame member of the slide mount.

A single hole is drilled into the rear of the ICECO slide mount that lines up with the lag bolt hole that is in the frame.  It was not necessary to use a washer here but simply use the existing lag bolt and tighten down to the frame.  If you have to make the hole larger in order to properly line up, a washer can solve the issue and hide the mistake.

Additional bolts that secure the frame mount to the plywood using the bolts and wood fasteners can be drilled after the lag bolts have been lined up and drilled.  I would recommend drilling those with slide mount in place (not while on Jeep) in order to insure fit.

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