Jeep Adventure Academy Part 1 of 2 - Holly's First Camp

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on a camping trip - Holly's first in a tent - and then going to the Jeep Adventure Academy held at Wind Rock Adventure Park in Olive Springs, TN, where Holly will learn how to drive the Jeep off road.  

This video is part 1 of the 2-part series where we camped the first night in the Citico Creek area of the Cherokee National Park near Tellico Plains, TN.  The part 2 video will cover Holly's day of off road driver training at the Jeep Adventure Academy. 

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DJI Mavic 2 Pro (David is a FAA Part 107 licensed drone pilot)

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Music licensed by Epidemic Sound and 
  • "Anthem of a Quirk Hipster" by RexBanner - Epidemic 
  • "Swirly Bird" by Arc De Soleil - Epidemic 
  • "Energized Morning" by Alrae - Epidemic 
  • "On Our Own" by Vaain - Epidemic 
  • "Late Nights in Harmony" by Trevor Kowalski - Epidemic 
  • "Spin Doctor" by Scoobadive - Epidemic 
  • "Cheesecake by IanPost -

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