Camping in Cherokee National Forest Testing Clearwater Lights

Recently I camped in Cherokee National Forest for several days while testing different combinations of Clearwater Lights on my 2020 Jeep Diesel Wrangler. 

Once the commercial video is completed for Clearwater Lights, I'll add link here! 

Sponsors of this video:

Equipment used to shoot this video: 
This video primarily shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max w/ PolorPro Litechaser Case Director's Kit with the PolarPro ND Filter attached to a DJI OSMO 4 Gimbal

Other cameras used:  

Prominent accessories used: 
3 Tripods: 
Portable Power (Jackery link): Jackery 1000 w/solar panels 
Portable Power (Amazon link): Jackery 1000 w/ solar panels

All Music Licensed by Artlist: 
  • "Reel" by ANBR 
  • "Everybody Get Up" by Ian Post 
  • "Altitude" by Beneath the Mountain 
  • "Action Percussions" by Stefano Mastro 
  • "Fields of Meditation" by Emmanuel Jacob 
  • "Full" by OakandCherry "Cheesecake" by Ian Post 
  • "Cold Day In Hell" b Michael Shynes 
  • "Freewheel" by Rex Banner

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